Loreto Parisi (born June 15, 1977) is a Italian software engineer and internet entrepreneur, He contributed to the Instant Messaging platform of Splinder, lately acquired by Dada. In 2009 he co-founded as Chief Technical Officer BuzzReader. In 2010 he co-founded Musixmatch.

Personal life
Born in Alife, Campania in Southern Italy, he graduated in 2006 in Informatics Engineering at University of Naples Federico II. In 2005 he joined Tipic Inc. a private held company that developed Instant Messaging and blogging platforms. He moved to Florence in 2008 working on the online Reputation system he developed for Buzzreader. In 2010 he joined Musixmatch in Bologna, Italy.

He is the author of Control System Toolbox for TI-89, a popular program for the TI-89 portable calculator, ranked as 160 on all-time top downloads list with 44580 downloads from ticalc.org [1].

Pop Culture
In July 2014, Loreto Parisi was interviewed by printed italian magazine Applicando about Musixmatch [2].
In March 2015, Loreto Parisi held a panel at Microsoft Community Days about Media Services e User-Generated Content [3].
In November 2015, Loreto Parisi was interviewed by printed italian magazine Clarus about his passion for computers[4][5].

Speaker profile at Microsoft Community Days


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